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Contrast-Rich Images And Dazzling Highlights With Kodak Pro Endura

Premium quality in impressive sizes of up to over 9 and a half feet! With vibrant highlights, strong contrasts, and colours that last a hundred years, Kodak Pro Endura paper has won over professional photographers and is considered to be Kodak’s leading photo paper. The combination of modern exposure technology and traditional developing techniques ensures high quality, authentic gallery prints.

Pictures As Photo Prints On Aluminium Dibond: Quality For Any Image 

With no glazing, an Original Photo Print On Aluminium Dibond has a purist look. Aluminium Dibond is a 3 mm-thick composite material with three layers. Two white-coated aluminium plates enclose a black polyethylene core. Viewed from the sides, the material appears black. Although it is extremely robust, aluminium Dibond has a low weight, meaning it is also perfect for large-format pieces. You photo print is laminated with a thin film for protection and mounted on the aluminium Dibond without any bubbles.

  1. Photo print with UV protective laminate
  2. Aluminium sheet
  3. Black polyethylene core 
  4. Aluminium sheet
LightJet Print on Kodak Pro Endura CREATE ONLINE

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