Dreams Beyond Dialogue

There was a pause after the big bang before anybody started talking.

Or rather that, after God had created Light, and one could see Everything, there was a longish pause before he created the Word and one could Say anything.

And in that pause – before one could Think anything, you could of course Feel everything. When you closed your eyes, it was to Dream Beyond Dialogue.

This sub-language mind exists in us all from the womb, inherited from each of our ancestors – back to that time before articulate culture.

Where every image powerfully affected the senses without explaining itself.  Pictures were not about textual meaning but feeling.

We have evolved today to the point where everything we see has become in-coming data. Every image instantly becomes an explanation of itself because our minds are trained to Google. De-coding reality has become a survival instinct and every piece of art is a potential thesis.

Which is as it should be because that’s how it is. But it Is also good to look back to that other pre-thought mind.

And that is what my pictures  are all about. To beckon the viewer toward that other region of the mind, or at least to help tip the balance toward an ambience of feeling and away from the glare of thinking.

Pictures which are not about meaning but sensing.

John Jolly

‘It is because I am Beat, that is, I believe in beatitude and that God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son to it… Who knows, but that the universe is not one vast sea of compassion actually, the veritable holy honey, beneath all this show of personality and cruelty?’ 

Jack Kerouac. Excerpt from “Is There A Beat Generation?
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